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Sponsor an ADI Student


Fully sponsoring a child costs $1800 a year, and can be set up as a $150 per month recurring donation or an annual donation.

Sponsors have regular personal contact with their students and receive updates on their progress from our staff. Many sponsors and students form life-long bonds, and some sponsors even choose to visit their students during an ADI workshop in Uganda.

How Your Sponsorship Donation is Used

$1800 per year covers the cost of one student in Uganda. New York staff and administrative expenses are paid for separately.

82% goes directly towards the students’ educational and living expenses. Slightly less than 18% covers Ugandan staff salaries and other in-country administrative expenses.

Ugandan Budget

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Sponsor Testimonials

“Of all the non-profit organizations that I have researched, this is the only program where 100% of your money meets 100% of the child’s needs. Your sponsorship dollars cover more than your student’s education but also medical needs, food, shelter and clothing. Not only are the short-term needs of a child met but as a sponsor you help develop and transition your student into adulthood. I am helping to prepare my students to return to their village to improve the community’s standard of living. The relationship you build with your sponsored child allows you to follow your child’s progress from the time they enter the program through graduation and that is very satisfying.” Maria Westman – Williamsville, NY


“A few years ago, I was in southern Uganda when ADI had just accepted a young boy named Lameka into the program. Lamkeka was shy, spoke no English, and had no hope of a future. Now, Lameka is a top student in a top Ugandan school, speaks fluent English, and is a hero in his home village. Most importantly, he believes without a doubt that his future is bright and he will do great things for his country. It blows my mind that I have the opportunity to so tangibly be involved in the transformation of a child’s life, halfway around the world.”
Shawn Willis – New York, NY