Our Selection Process

We take a lot of time and care in selecting our students (a full year!). ADI’s students are chosen by our Uganda staff, and undergo a rigorous selection process. Candidates are evaluated based on both need and merit.

To be eligible for admission to our program, a child must be:

  • between the ages of 8 and 11 years old;

  • living below the poverty line in Uganda (meaning his or her family's income is less than $2 per day)

  • exceptionally bright and hardworking.

In addition, we try to prioritize candidates who meet one or more of the following need-based criteria:

  1. Former child soldiers and children affected by war

  2. Orphans

  3. Homeless Children

  4. Child laborers

  5. Children affected by HIV/AIDS

  6. Children living in abusive situations

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